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Hydrogen Gas Savers

Features hydrogen gas saver technology including injection units, HHO devices and water electrolysis and on-demand add-on systems.

Interview with Michel Alarcon of IGES Canada

During the Holidays I was able to catch up with Michel Alarcon, Managing Director of IGES Canada to talk about his company’s hydrogen-on-demand technology. Here is the interview: HydroKevin: Michel, tell me briefly about your company, please. Michel Alarcon: We are an affiliate of IGES Holdings LLC, an international company …

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H2Go is Really a Go This Time

What I am about to talk about is something you won’t find the mainstream media talking about. But it is nonetheless a big deal. Or it could be a big deal if this product works as billed. The last time I talked about the Ronn Motor Company H2GO system was …

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Ronn Motors H2GO Still a Go

I’ve talked about Ronn Motors many times in the past including their Eco Scorpion super auto and their H2GO hydrogen boosting system. I’ve also talked about how the H2GO system, if it works as billed, could be a game changer in the automotive industry. Ronn Motors and East Texas truck …

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