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Hydrogen Fuel Tanks

Offers information about hydrogen fuel tanks for autos, trucks and other vehicles.

Thermoplastic Hydrogen Storage Tanks for FCVs in Development

A company called Element Materials Technology is developing a high pressure thermoplastic hydrogen storage tank to be used inside of fuel cell vehicles. The resulting storage vessel is expected to be strong, light-weight and leak-free. According to Element, “During this project Element Hitchin performed high-pressure permeation tests using hydrogen for …

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Toyota Says Hydrogen Tanks Are Bulletproof

Bob Carter, Toyota’s Senior Vice President for Automotive Operations, stated in a recent speech to the Automotive News World Congress that hydrogen tanks are bulletproof when it comes to small caliber weapons. And the tanks are even safe when it comes to larger caliber bullets. According to Carter, “They’re safe. …

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Japanese Using Aluminum Hydrides to Store Hydrogen

Japanese researchers have discovered a lightweight and robust material for storing highly compressed hydrogen gas. Other metal hydride tanks are typically heavy, adding a lot of weight to the vehicle and bringing down the MPGe’s. According to The Engineer, “Lightweight interstitial hydrides – compounds in which hydrogen atoms occupy the …

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