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Hydrogen Fuel Storage

Features hydrogen fuel storage technology that is currently being used or developed.

Hydroautobon Wax + Microwaves = Hydrogen

Even though hydrogen fuel tanks holding compressed H2 gas have been proven to be safe, still critics cite safety as one of the top reasons not to buy a fuel cell vehicle. So, in steps UK researchers from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Cardiff Saudi Arabia who have …

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28copper15hydride May Solve Hydrogen Storage Issue

Hydrogen storage is one of the biggest issues facing the rollout of fuel cell vehicles. And scientists in Australia and Taiwan may have found the answer in a new molecule named 28copper15hydride. According to Ansto, “Scientists say that the newly-discovered ‘28copper15hydride’ puts us on a path to better understanding hydrogen, …

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Boron Buckyballs for Holding Hydrogen Discovered at Brown

Carbon buckyballs (or fullerenes) were discovered several years ago and hold the promise of hydrogen storage. Now, recently researchers at Brown University have discovered boron buckyballs or as they call them borospherenes that may hold hydrogen atoms as well. According to Brown, “The discovery of buckyballs – soccer-ball-shaped molecules of …

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Graphene Nanocage Holds Promise for Hydrogen Storage

Scientists at the University of Maryland have created a one-atom thick graphene nanocage that opens and closes to store hydrogen atoms. And the storage capacity of this nanocage already has exceeded Department of Energy’s goals. According to Nanowerks, “Mechanical engineers Shuze Zhu and Teng Li have found that they can …

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