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Hydrogen Education

Features information about how students are being education on fuel cells and hydrogen technology.

United Hydrail Nations

by guest blogger Stan Thompson This update follows much farther behind the wonderfully successful 9th International Hydrail Conference in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (June 2014) than I had intended.  The reason is one I can’t regret: the cast of international players on the hydrail stage has grown so large, and there are so many  intertwining plots, that …

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Hydrogen Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The mantra now days with such high unemployment at least from the politicians that run the country is jobs, jobs, jobs. And, there is truth to this mantra since the middle class is suffering and election time is slightly over a year away. So, this got me to thinking how …

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NPR’s Ira Flatow Helped Hydrail Too

by guest blogger Stan Thompson In my February 10, 2011, commendation of public broadcasting for its help in raising hydrail awareness, I failed to credit Ira Flatow’s excellent program, Talk of the Nation – Science Friday. On September 4, 2009, Ira ran a great segment on hydrail but never mentioned …

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Hydrogen Education Excites Future Engineers

One of the top ways to usher in a hydrogen-based future is to excite the students and young people of today who will be working in the hydrogen industry tomorrow. Just by being exposed to information about hydrogen energy, students will rethink their educational options in high school and college. …

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