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Offers information on hydrogen boats, ships, ferries and other marine vessels.

Hydrogenesis Fuel Cell Ferryboat Launches in the UK

I had first mentioned the Hydrogenesis fuel cell ferryboat during the 2012 European Hydrogen Road Tour. During October 2012 Hydrogenesis was supposed to launch but was beset with technical issues until now. According to the BBC News, “Commissioned for the city council’s Green Capital initiative, Hydrogenesis operates 45-minute trips between …

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by guest blogger Stan Thompson Toronto (Ontario) Canada will be the location of the Eighth International Hydrail Conference (8IHC) on 11 and 12 June, 2013. The venue and the first of the slate of presenters will be announced shortly. The International Hydrail Conferences are annual gatherings of academic, government and …

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Canada Floats Idea for Hydrogen Coast Guard Ships

The Canadian government has just floated the idea for creating new hybrid diesel, hydrogen fuel cell coast guard ships. Three retrofitted fisheries ships would replace four older coast guard ships to patrol both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans off the Canadian coast. Diesel-powered ships are fairly efficient when they are at …

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Is This Hydrogen Speedboat a Fake?

In December 2011 I asked whether or not this purported hydrogen boat was a hoax or not. And now it’s time to ask the same question again. You see, this boat is part of the prestigious Cannes Boat Show this year and its builders are making the claim once again …

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Turkey Unveils Its First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boat

The last time I talked Turkey was November 9, 2011 to discuss the country’s first fuel cell auto which was unveiled. The fuel cell auto runs on sodium borohydride (NaBH4) which is created from the main mineral mined in Turkey, boron. Today I would like to talk Turkey again. Besides …

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Hydrogen Luxury Sea Yacht Hoax or Not?

Okay, usually I don’t comment on stories in the news that seem too good to be true. A couple of years ago a story broke about a Japanese water auto that all of the major media outlets picked up and ran with even through there was no proof that this …

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Hydrogen Ships Now

Rarely do I read an article that makes my blood boil. But this article by the Mail Online has done just that. While a number of us are pushing for hydrogen autos or at least cleaner standards for all autos there are gross polluting ships at sea that are spewing …

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Hydrogen Boat Catches Fire No One Hurt

A 100-passenger hydrogen-powered boat in Hamburg, Germany called the Alsterwasser caught fire last year destroying much of the ship but no one was injured. There were no dramatic explosions of hydrogen tanks as one might see in a movie. Nothing happened and the two 50 kW (67 hp) fuel cells …

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