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Hydrogen entrepreneurs and advocates are featured who wish to promote the latest technology.

Ohio Entrepreneurs Plan to Open Hydrogen Fueling Station

Ohio is no stranger to hydrogen. The hydrogen-powered Buckeye Bullet 2 raceauto was built by students and faculty at Ohio State University. In 2007, Wal-Mart had successfully tested hydrogen fuel cell pallet trucks in on of their Ohio stores. And NASA has decided to build a hydrogen fueling station based …

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San Diego Teen Inventor to Display Hydrogen Hybrid Engine

Dr. Roger E. Billings started his long and illustrious autoeer in hydrogen, by converting a gasoline-powered lawnmower engine to run on H2. Now, half a century later, 17-year-old San Diego high school student Josh Wesolowski has built a hybrid lawnmower engine that runs on unleaded gasoline, propane, methanol and hydrogen. …

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Hydrogen Engine Inventor Shows Off Latest Work

I received an email from Mark M. from Tallahassee, Florida on Monday who pointed me towards a video of a hydrogen engine that he’s been working on in his garage and perfecting. I asked for some more details about his project and here’s what he had to say: Mark: “I …

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Entrepreneur Builds Hydrogen On Demand Engine

Wired is reporting that an entrepreneur from Tallahassee, Florida Mark Miller has created a small internal combustion engine that runs on hydrogen and electricity. The hydrogen is created on-demand from calcium hydride and water (or spit), which fuels the small motor. The motor is rated at 6.4 horsepower in hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Powered Car Forum Helps Home Inventors

The Hydro Power Car forum is the true garage inventor’s dream message board, where those interested in building a better mousetrap congregate to share ideas about how to create supplemental hydrogen to power autos, lawnmowers and any other device that can be run on fossil fuels. On this forum participants …

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Gasoline Water Hybrid Car

This seems to be “Video Week” here on the blog as this will be the third video I’ve posted a link to this week. I’ve been getting quite a few requests recently from people at the grassroots level who want to build their own hydrogen autos or at least hydrogen …

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