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This section talks about the critics of hydrogen autos and economy and their opinions.

It’s Been a Bad 2 Weeks for Hydrogen Car Critics

Hydrogen auto naysayers, negative Nancies, pessimists, critics, skeptics, deniers, detractors, scoffers, whiners, malcontents, complainers, fusspots, gripers, snivelers, squawkers, curmudgeons, sourpusses, party poopers, faultfinders, nitpickers, grinches, killjoys, spoilsports, quibblers and defeatists have had a bad 2 weeks. Toyota and Mercedes-Benz (Daimler) has seen to that. On Wednesday last week (October 25, …

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Forbes Pokes Fun at Hydrogen Car Development in California

Michael Lynch, a contributor to Forbes, has written a funny “future” overview of hydrogen auto development in California. Mr. Lynch’s satirical prognostication pokes fun at the government and governor of California. According to Mr. Lynch, “In January 2015, with hydrogen vehicles still costing nearly $100,000, the state of California decides …

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Not So Green Hydrogen Buses Reshipped to London

Critics have been talking about how the Transport for London project which includes building several H2 buses for the British metropolitan area is not as green of a project as it appears. And, they have a point. The five hydrogen powered buses will be build in Northern Ireland, then shipped …

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Hydrogen Leaks Are Common Non-Stories

Many critics as well as uniformed people cite hydrogen fires and explosions as their main concerns about hydrogen autos. Many will talk about the Hindenburg fallacy when stating their cases as to why we should not pursue hydrogen vehicles in the first place. And, yes it is true that hydrogen …

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FTC Trashes HAFC, Neglects NASA and DOT

The U. S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has come out strongly against a company called Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC or Dutchman Enterprises) in specific and the whole hydrogen fuel injection industry in general. A press release was issued by the commission titled, “FTC Sues Promoters of Bogus Fuel Efficiency Device.” …

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Wired Gets Hydrogen Car Timeframe Wrong

It’s difficult to read an article titled “Hydrogen Cars Won’t Make a Difference for 40 Years” that ran in yesterday and not respond. I passed on responding on this inaccurate assessment yesterday, but not today. Overall the article outlines some points pro and con that I agree with and …

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Hydrogen Critic Takes Aim with Faulty Information

Hydrogen critics come and go with some making good points and other disseminating bad information. Every once in a while, I come across a website that is willfully distributing bad information about hydrogen that needs to be confronted. Generally, I like “green” websites and blogs and travel to several every …

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