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This page features celebrities who are also hydrogen auto advocates.

Hollywood Stars Drink Water from Hydrogen Car

Hollywood stars are nothing new in regard to hydrogen autos. For instance, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Edward Norton, Cameron Diaz, Placido Domingo and Magic Johnson have all driven one. But, now a couple of Hollywood stars are not only driving hydrogen autos but testing them in extreme weather as well. …

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Hollywood Actress Drives Mercedes F Cell Hydrogen Car

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie driving a hydrogen auto. Some of the other celebrities that are on the list of past hydrogen auto drivers include Cameron Diaz, Jesse James, Jay Leno, Will Ferrell, Prince Charles and Jack Nicholson. So, …

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Jesse James to Break Hydrogen Car Record

The Jesse James of old broke land-speed records by riding his horse out of reach of Johnny Law’s bullets in the Old West. Today’s Jesse James marries Hollywood’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock, builds motorcycles, owns West Coast Choppers and talks about breaking the hydrogen auto land-speed record. The vehicle that Jesse …

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Jay Leno Takes Honda Clarity for a Ride

There is a video of interest to hydrogen auto enthusiasts on Jay Leno’s Garage website in which the late night talk show host takes a Honda Clarity for a spin. Jay also talks with Sage Marie, Honda’s PR spokesman about the technical issues surrounding the Honda Clarity. Last summer I …

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Bill Clinton Is High on Hydrogen

Ballard and Dynetek have both been courting Bill Clinton in regard to endorsing hydrogen products. This is understandable since the William J. Clinton Foundation is committed to fighting greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the overall foundation, the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) formed in August 2006, has the mission of …

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Jay Leno Hydrogen Car Video

A month ago, I had talked about Jay Leno driving a hydrogen auto and a couple days ago a reader of this blog sent me a link to a video of Jay talking about the BMW Hydrogen 7 that he’s been driving. The video is about 11 1/2 minutes long …

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Al Gore and Gerhardt Ertl Win Nobel Prizes

Unless you live under a rock, in a cave or just flew in from deep space, you’ve already heard that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize. And, earlier this year Mr. Gore won an Academy Award for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. It looks like Nobel Prizes are …

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