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Hydrogen advocates are outlined including celebrities who push for a green future.

Hydrail Transition: The Catenary versus the Hindenburg

by Guest Blogger Stan Thompson A headline in the January 2018 online issue of Britain’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers publication is the latest hydrail transition landmark: Transport Secretary calls for hydrogen trains Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has said the introduction of hydrogen-powered trains is “a priority” for Britain’s railways. The …

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Kids 4 Hydrogen End California Road Tour

Kids 4 Hydrogen is a non-profit educational outreach program started in 2004. Based in Northern California, in the Santa Cruz area, they have this to say about themselves, “By giving demonstrations of how fuel cells work and presenting the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on well-publicized tours, we hope to encourage …

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U. S. Energy Independence Day July 10 – Save the Date!

There is no official national energy independence day for the U. S., but there should be. Last week on July 4, Americans celebrated our traditional Independence Day which honored the Declaration of Independence which was adopted on July 4, 1776. On July 10, 2012 on this blog I asked, “Energy …

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Energy Independence Day – Which Day Is It?

Since Independence Day was last week, I came up with idea for this week which was to celebrate Energy Independence Day as a day that would foreshadow a stated goal by many alt energy advocates like myself to be free from foreign sources of energy. But, before I gave myself …

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Hydrogen Cars Will Never Be A Reality … Unless …

By Guest Blogger Dr. R. Paul Williamson Hydrogen auto advocates have been looking forward to the day when hydrogen vehicles of all kinds run up and down our highways emitting water vapor and threatening no one’s’ health, future, or environment. Like the proverbial donkey chasing the autorot on the stick, …

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