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The Hype About Joseph Romm

I’ve already commented about how the hydrogen auto debate has changed in the last 2 or 3 years and specifically about Joseph Romm’s book “The Hype About Hydrogen” as being overly pessimistic. Now, another kindred spirit in the hydrogen industry is also taking the author to task.

Greg Blencoe, CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, Inc. has addressed in his blog six myths about hydrogen perpetuated by Joseph Romm. The myths debunked include fuel cells are too expensive, hybrids are better than hydrogen vehicles, plug-in hybrids top fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen fuel is too expensive, making hydrogen is a bad idea, and the cost of building a hydrogen infrastructure is too high.

As with most naysayers about emerging technology (like Romm), given enough time their arguments start to fall apart as new discoveries are introduced and timelines and costs adjusted accordingly. In three short years, the hydrogen and fuel cell industries have come a long way. Accepted realities in 2004 are now myths today. With many of the objections to hydrogen technology having fallen by the wayside it’s exciting to anticipate what kinds of advancements the next three years will bring.

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