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Greg Blencoe Debates Joseph Romm

Glen Blencoe, the CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, Incorporated has once again taken Joseph Romm to task about the timeframe for hydrogen development. Three weeks ago, Mr. Blencoe had talked about the six myths about hydrogen perpetuated by Joseph Romm and this recent debate is an offspring from this discussion.

Mr. Blencoe has brought forward many of the points that I have been saying (or at least thinking) in regard to naysayers saying that hydrogen autos are too costly and will never be viable to compete with other types of vehicles. One of the most important questions that Mr. Blencoe asks Dr. Romm is “If all of your arguments against hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are correct, why are all of these auto companies moving forward with them?”

This has also been my thinking as well. Tens of thousands of people are working to make the hydrogen economy a reality right now. This includes all of the automotive and fuel cell engineers, scientists and researchers working feverishly to discover new ways to produce, store and transport hydrogen and even CEO’s and marketing types.

Both Greenjobs and Fuelcellworks list many hydrogen and fuel cell companies as resources for those looking for a job in this specific end of the industry. It’s hard to believe that tens of thousands of employees large and small companies spending tens of millions of dollars are all wrong and one naysayer is right.

As Finnish composer Jean Sibelius once said “A statue has never been erected in honor of a critic.” From my point of view, the hydrogen economy of the future will be filled with many statues.

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