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My name is Kevin Kantola (HydroKevin) and I am the writer, editor and publisher of this website / blog.

This website is about hydrogen autos, vehicles, infrastructure and the upcoming hydrogen economy. We will explore the technology behind hydrogen autos and the exciting industry news that will shape our new H2-centered world.


A Little Background …

When I was 16-years-old, my parents bought me my first auto, which was a $200 “junker” with rusted out wheel wells and three tones of peeling white paint.

I loved that auto, though, in the sense that it meant freedom. I could drive with my friends, take long drives with it when stressed or explore the local cities and town in my region on my own terms. With that junker auto I was able to get my first job, drive to work and make enough money to buy my own better auto in less than a year.

Fast forward to more current times.

In 2003, I had listened to President Bush’s State of the Union Address and made a mental note of his mention of hydrogen autos. Over the next couple of years, I did some limited research on the Internet to find out more, but was frustrated that I could not find a website that had all the information I wanted under one roof.

In the Spring of 2005, in a bout of angst about why I could not find more information about hydrogen autos, I decided to write, edit and publish my own. So, in June 2005, this hydrogen auto website was born and it has received much attention right from the start from those interested in less dependency upon foreign oil and those interested in a cleaner environment.

In the Spring of 2006, I received the privilege of driving a hydrogen auto for the first time. It was an Audi A2H2 that was being demonstrated in Long Beach, California. I was told by the test engineer, who came along with me in the passenger seat that the auto cost $4 million to develop. Thoughts of my old $200 auto, with chugging blue smoke, raced through my head as I was driving one of the most technologically advanced, pollution-free and noise-free vehicles ever developed.

We drove the auto to a hydrogen refueling station, made by Air Products, a couple of miles away. On the way back, I must confess, I had fantasized about stepping on the pedal and becoming the first person in history to receive a speeding ticket in a hydrogen auto. Coming back to reality, I then contemplated how the kids of today will be the hydrogen auto drivers of tomorrow. For some a hydrogen auto will be their first auto. Things have come a long way in the 40 years since I had owned my first auto. And, the excitement is just beginning.