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Time for Swatch to Sell Hydrogen Cars

Well, it’s about time that Swiss company Swatch, known for their oversized and colorful watches, has decided to sell hydrogen fuel cell autos. A few years ago Swatch teamed up with Daimler AG corporation to come out with a wacky version of the Smart Car. This time, however Swatch has …

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California Tries to Reboot Hydrogen Highway

A couple of weeks ago I read where the West Coast Electric Highway was now open for business, starting in Oregon and the plans are for it to reach all the way to the southern tip of California. This got me to thinking about whatever happened to the West Coast …

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Is Carbazole the Energy Carrier of the Future?

By Guest Blogger Keith D. Patch According to Wikipedia, N-ethylautobazole (C14H13N) was used as a chemical weapon (irritant) in World War I. Now it (and related organic compounds) is being investigated as a hydrogen transport material for fuel cell vehicles. In 2011 I read some news out of Germany about …

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Nanotrees Turn Sun and Water into Hydrogen Fuel

Electrical engineers at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) are building artificial nanotrees that mimic real life plants to take in sunlight, water and CO2 and produce hydrogen fuel. Now, I’ve talked about the artificial leaf being developed several times before for the same purposes. The engineers at UCSD, …

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