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Hydrogen Luxury Sea Yacht Hoax or Not?

Okay, usually I don’t comment on stories in the news that seem too good to be true. A couple of years ago a story broke about a Japanese water auto that all of the major media outlets picked up and ran with even through there was no proof that this …

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GM and BMW in Talks to Co-Develop Fuel Cell Technology

If you think the price of going green is high, then you should think about the price of developing new green technology. This is why automakers General Motors and BMW have decided to team up to co-develop new hydrogen fuel cell technology for autos. According to Bloomberg, “Fuel cells generate …

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Hydrogen Safety Challenged at CSA Testing Labs

Safety is the most important feature of any vehicle and hydrogen autos are no different. As alternative fuel vehicles penetrate the marketplace consumers are naturally skeptical of safety issues surrounding the new technology. This is where the CSA International testing labs step in. The CSA International testing labs are accustomed …

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