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GM Gets Ready for Fuel Cell Mass Production

In the year 2015 General Motors has stated that it plans to rollout several thousand fuel cell vehicles to showrooms in several different countries. Today, GM is taking a step in that direction. General Motors is now working on their next generation of fuel cell based upon the current HydroGen4 …

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Hydrogen Buses Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Over the past week and a half there has been a lot of news regarding hydrogen buses. So, I want to provide a summary to each story. The United Kingdom’s first hydrogen bus has been launched and will service London’s RV1 route. Seven more hydrogen powered buses will be added …

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Hyundai Tucson iX FCEV Prototype Ready

Last March 2010, I had talked about the Hyundai Tucson iX35 FCEV rolling out at the Geneva Auto Show. The most recent news regarding this vehicle is that the prototype is now ready and will begin testing in 2011. The Tucson iX is an upgrade from the Hyundai Tucson FCEV …

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First U.S. Mercedes FCV Lease Goes to Hollywood Elite

The first Mercedes fuel cell vehicle (FCV) lease in the U. S. is going to Hollywood’s Executive Director of the Producers Guild of America. Mr. Vance Van Petten will be driving the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell FCV around the Hollywood Hills and beyond in Southern California. Now, it’s no secret that …

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Hydrogen Degassing as another Fuel Source

I find the following information rather mind-boggling since it defies conventional wisdom. The first of which is that hydrogen doesn’t occur naturally on this planet, that it is bonded with other atoms and it has to be brutally ripped from those atoms in order to create pure H2. The second …

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FCVs PHEVs and BEVs Compared

Fuel Cells 2000, a non-profit educational organization has come up with a head-to-head comparison of two FCVs (fuel cell vehicles), one PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) and one BEV (battery electric vehicle) to see if public perception is accurate. Because the Nissan Leaf BEV and Chevy Volt PHEV have garnered …

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