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Hilary Swank Drives BMW Hydrogen 7

Back in August 2007, I talked about how Will Ferrell was the first celebrity given the keys to the BMW Hydrogen 7 for everyday use. This week, two time Academy Award actress Hilary Swank has also been given the keys to the vehicle. In-between there have been many other celebrities …

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Hydrogen Powered Vending Machine by Jofemar Goes Public

While the debate rages on about whether or not hydrogen autos make sense in the marketplace, one vendor has thrown caution to the wind and has decided to rollout hydrogen-powered vending machines before the hungry public. Jofemar has unveiled the world’s first such H2 vending machines at St. Louis, Missouri’s …

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NHA Outlines the Immediate Future for Hydrogen Vehicles

The National Hydrogen Association last week held a webinar titled, “The Future of Hydrogen: an Alternative Transportation Analysis for the 21st Century.” The webinar sought to provide near-term solutions for economic growth, energy security and the environment with hydrogen as the fuel of choice. The speakers were Frank Novachek of …

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GM Project Driveway Demos Equinox FCV in China

According to Fuel Cell Works, General Motors has taken its Project Driveway campaign on the road to China. The Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell Vehicle was introduced this week in Beijing by this summer’s gold medal Olympian Wu Minxia and environmentalist and actress Liu Zi. The Project Driveway tour kicked off …

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Hydrogen Generated Using Red Hot Steel

At Tata Steel in India (a branch of Tata Motors), they have developed a high-temperature cracking method of steam to create hydrogen. In the process of manufacturing steel, red hot slag is created. With the new process, water is sprayed over the red hot slag-steel achieving temperatures of around 2,900 …

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NCL of India Develops Cheaper Fuel Cell Component

The National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) of India has developed a critical, cheaper fuel cell component that is expected to reduce the overall costs of fuel cells significantly. The scientists have developed a polymer variant of polybenzimidazole, used in making spacesuits, which will be utilized in the membranes of the PEM …

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