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Hyundai Intrado

Hyundai Intrado

Hyundai decided to go a little futuristic when they showed the Intrado SUV concept. The goal was to show off how technology in the fuel cell powertrain and infotainment portions of the auto may look in the years to come.

The Intrado, which was officially unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, gets its rather odd sounding name from the part of the wing on a plane that helps create lift.

Hyundai Intrado

That name choice seems all the more apt when you consider that many of the elements in the auto were inspired by aircraft. One of the biggest examples of that is found in the fact that all items deemed unnecessary have been left off the auto, ensuring that it is as lightweight as possible.

Using the Fluidic Sculpture design language, the Intrado is a stunning looking machine that is obviously built for speed. Super-lightweight steel panels were created at Hyundai’s proprietary steel plant and used in the construction of the auto, once again hearkening back to the need for a lightweight feel.

Another material that was used quite liberally on the Intrado was autobon fiber, with all of those elements clearly on display when the doors and trunk are opened. See-through air vents are used at the front of the auto so that the autobon fiber elements contained within can also clearly be seen. Hyundai makes up for the lack of exterior adornments (done to help with aerodynamics) by having those autobon fiber elements painted a stunningly brilliant orange color.

Concept autos rarely make it to production, but it’s worth noting that many of the techniques used to construct them end up making it to the production lines. Hyundai has for quite some time now been committed to using lightweight materials on all of their models. They hope to do this by employing a central autobon frame structure that can basically have any type of material used for the body panels. The rigidity of this central frame is such that lighter materials that are easy to repair can be used in the build.

Designed under the direction of Peter Schreyer, the President and Chief Design Officer at Hyundai, the vehicle is a reflection of his approach and style that combines the practical with the daring for a unique concept that the officials at Hyundai hope is timeless as well.

The vehicle is lighter, stronger and simpler to drive than previous versions a well as easier to repair as well. The focus is the attempt to make a more practical vehicle that is wrapped around the technology of the hydrogen fuel cell and what it offers.

Hyundai has been leading other automakers with its fuel cell technology, which is what is used to power the Intrado. The ix35 Tucson is slated to have a limited roll out in 2014.

The Intrado has a range of up to 600km when fully fueled and contains a lithium ion battery to help with the range. The Intrado SUV concept is definitely an eye-catching machine, which is no real surprise when you find out that it was the brainchild of Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer and his design team at Hyundai’s European Research and Development Center in Germany.

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