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Hyundai Blue2

Hyundai Blue2

The Hyundai Blue2 FCEV has been unveiled in Seoul, South Korea. The Hyundai Blue2 is the next generation of fuel cell vehicle for South Koreas largest automaker.

Already in their hydrogen auto lineup are the Hyundai I-Blue and the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid FCEV. The Hyundai Blue2 is supposed to be the company’s first sedan style fuel cell vehicle.

The Blue2 is being shown at the Seoul Motor Show under the theme, “‘Evolution, Green Revolution on Wheels.”

The Blue2 which is being spoken and read as Blue-squared has been codenamed HND-6 up until the auto show. The blueprint for the mid-size Blue2 is the eco-brand “Blue Drive” the number “2” which symbolizes hydrogen (H2).

Now, why the Hyundai Blue2 that was shown in Seoul is painted white instead of blue is anyone’s guess. Apparently someone on the team dropped the ball in connecting the dots that the color “blue” is the theme for this vehicle inside and out.

According to Hyundai, “Aiming at gaining early leadership of the FCEV market, Blue2 is powered by a fuel cell electric system that delivers a stack power of 90kW(1.65kW/L) and fuel economy of 34.9km/?. The Blue2 is materialized in a sporty and luxurious style, a combination of futuristic, flowing designs and eco-friendly features. The Blue2 is equipped with low-resistance tires and alloy wheels which are designed to improve aerodynamic performance, while the auto’s interior design encompasses a futuristic look by using eco-friendly new materials.”

In case you’re wondering the 34.9km/? translates to about 82.09 miles per gallon equivalent. The Hyundai Blue2 has a few accessories that make this new concept vehicle a future auto as well. For instance, instead of side view mirrors, the Blue2 has side view cameras a camera place discreetly on top of the vehicle.

A driver recognition system opens the door without a key, thus improving convenience. Wider seats which allow driver and passengers to enter and exit the vehicle also add to convenience in the Hyundai Blue2.

Now, what would cameras outside the vehicle if inside the vehicle was a lame interior with little functionality? Hyundai has solved this with the Blue2 by giving he driver a high tech LED screen tempered with Gorilla Glass that gives more accurate graphical detail.

The Blue2 has a Motion Sensor Moustick, a high tech haptic wheel and motion sensors that respond to the driver’s touch which enhance the driving experience. This eco-auto uses an ionizer to purify the air inside the vehicle. One feature that some greenies and animal lovers won’t like is the use of leather in the interior of the vehicle. Hyundai should take a lesson from Honda and develop biodegradable auto interior materials made from plants.

All in all, though the Hyundai Blue2 is a leap forward for the automaker in putting together a future auto that is high on gas mileage, safety, driver handling and convenience. What more can one ask except for commercial introduction soon?

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