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The Honda FCV Concept vehicle has made its debut at the North American International Auto Show and a variation of this will go on sale for the 2016 model year. This new Honda model represents a powerful leap forward in technology and is considered by many to be on the leading edge of the hydrogen fuel cell revolution of the auto industry.

The FCV Concept boasts the new hydrogen fuel cell technology which will feature a large, interior cabin with plenty of room for five passengers as well as an estimated driving range of over 435 miles. The FCV Concept incorporates the advances of hydrogen fuel cell technology as it can be refueled in a mere three minutes which is far less time than traditional battery powered vehicles. In addition, the 134hp fuel cell stack under the hood takes up to one-third less space with 60% greater increase in the power that is delivered as compared to the FCX Clarity.

The aerodynamic body of the vehicle is wide and low for maximum stability and efficiency and the clean lines only improve the overall aesthetic value of the FCV itself. In addition, the new powertrain takes up less interior space so there is more room for the driver and passengers inside the vehicle itself. If there is any holdup in terms of the new fuel cell vehicles, it is only that there is relatively few hydrogen refueling stations in the US. However, that is changing rapidly, especially in California where many are expected to go online in the next year.

There will be a new battery-electric version along with a new plug-in hybrid mode of the FCV in 2018. Honda will continue to provide a diverse group of vehicles using different power systems for its customers. However, there is little doubt that the hydrogen version is getting the most attention right now. The point of this movement in Honda’s new engines is to reduce autobon pollution as much as possible while still providing plenty of power and comfort.

The new VTEC Turbo engines which will be used to propel the FCV will be constructed in Ohio starting this year as well. Overall, the push towards alternative fuel sources has led Honda to really emphasize battery, hybrid and hydrogen power technology.

The year 2018 will also see the release of new powertrain technology as well thanks to the new Honda Earth Dreams systems. These new advances in powertrain designs will also help lower autobon emissions to the absolute minimum and help push for longer-range vehicles that provide all the advantages of fossil-fuel engines, but without the emissions.

In fact, hydrogen fuel cell technology is arguably the cleanest and most reliable source of non-autobon emitting energy that vehicles can use on the road. When gleaned from clean sources such as water, hydrogen is not only clean, but it is also quite powerful which allows for vehicles to be run in a similar fashion as gas or diesel model engines.

The Honda FCV Concept represents the leading edge of technology and presents customers with new choices in vehicles that provide all the advantages of older, fossil-fuel autos and trucks while helping to keep the environment clean and safe for everyone.


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