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European Union Hydrogen Highway

European Union
Hydrogen Highway

The European Union hydrogen highway network is at present a loose affiliation of H2 refueling stations developed by various countries. Leading the charge is Germany who has the most hydrogen refueling stations with 30 followed by everyone else.

European Union Hydrogen Highway

But, the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have recently voted to develop the EU hydrogen highway network system in regard to technological and safety standards among the different countries. Denmark hopes to link the Norway HyNor Project with the mainland European nations with their Hydrogen Link project.

As you can see from the map most of the Western European nations have at least started to develop their hydrogen refueling station network. What is needed now are standards so that drivers of hydrogen autos know that wherever they travel in the EU, then will be able to find compressed hydrogen at 5,000 psi or 10,000 psi or liquid hydrogen depending upon the vehicle they are driving.

Iceland, not pictured in the map, has the oldest hydrogen fueling station opened in 2003 and a few other demonstration projects such as those in the United Kingdom have come and gone with the end of the project. In fact, the United Kingdom has now announced its intention of building two separate hydrogen refueling highway systems in the north and the south.

As of Feb 2012, here are the EU hydrogen fueling stations (open or planned):

  • Austria 2
  • Belgium 1
  • Copenhagen 1
  • Czech Republic 1
  • Denmark 14
  • Finland 2
  • France 5
  • Germany 41
  • Greece 2
  • Greenland 1
  • Iceland 2
  • Italy 21
  • Luxembourg 1
  • Norway 10
  • Portugal 1
  • Spain 4
  • Sweden 5
  • Switzerland 2
  • The Netherlands 4
  • Turkey 3
  • United Kingdom 20

The number of EU hydrogen fueling stations opened or planned is now at 143 as of February 2012. The approximate number of U. S. stations opened or planned is now 128 as of February 2012. Both Europe and the U. S. had approximately 60 hydrogen fueling stations each either open or planned as of September 2008.

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