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Vision Industries Offers Fuel Cell Class 8 Trucks with IREx

Vision Industries out of Long Beach, California has introduced an Intelligent Range Extender (IREx) for its fuel cell class 8 trucks. According to the press release, “Vision Industries Corporation today announced that it will introduce its newly developed ‘Intelligent Range Extender’ system in its next generation Class 8 trucks, originally …

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Vision Industries Sells 100 Tyrano Hydrogen Trucks

I’ve been talking about the Tyrano Class 8 Truck from Vision Industries since 2009. Now Vision Industries has some great news to share regarding a company called Total Transportation Services, Inc. (TTS-I) of Rancho Dominquez, California that has finalized its purchase order for 100 Tyrano trucks. The Tyrano is a …

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Vision Industries to Commercialize Tyrano Fuel Cell Truck

Hydrogen vehicle critics, naysayers and deniers won’t like this story a bit. In the past couple of years while electric autos have taken the spotlight center stage, hydrogen vehicle manufacturers have been quietly commercializing their vehicles. The first commercial hydrogen vehicles to be sold a couple of years back were …

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Vision Tyrano Truck

Vision Tyrano Truck The Vision Industries Tyrano Truck is a heavy duty vehicle weighing 80,000 lbs. that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric batteries. The Tyrano truck was developed to haul autogo around the shipping ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California where smog from …

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Vision Tyrano Goes to Military Boot Camp

Yes, one of my favorite subjects to talk about is the Vision Tyrano truck (which I had the pleasure of checking out in person recently), because it is in class of its own, literally. The Tyrano is a heavy duty class 8 truck weighing 80,000 lbs that runs on compressed …

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