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First Home Fuel Cell Installation in Texas Completed

It’s Halloween and the first completed installation of a home fuel cell installation in Texas has just been announced. This PEM fuel cell does not run on ghost-power, however (Who you gonna call?). But, it does run on hydrogen. In July of this year, I had talked about the Hydra …

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Where Are All of the Hydrogen Trucks?

In the past I’ve written quite a bit about all different sizes and shapes of prototype hydrogen fuel cell and ICE (internal combustion engine) trucks. Since I haven’t talked about this recently I’m thinking now would be a good time to revisit this subject. Before their bankruptcy a couple of …

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Vision Tyrano Truck

Vision Tyrano Truck The Vision Industries Tyrano Truck is a heavy duty vehicle weighing 80,000 lbs. that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric batteries. The Tyrano truck was developed to haul autogo around the shipping ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California where smog from …

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Hydrogen Raceautos

Hydrogen Raceautos and H2 Races Hydrogen race autos need to be in races in order to showcase to the world the upcoming hydrogen highways and hydrogen raceways of the future. New technology is most often showcased by the most dramatic means possible and running hydrogen race autos on hydrogen raceways …

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Fuel Cells to Cool Down Refrigerated Trucks

This story caught my eye not because hydrogen fuel cells are replacing diesel engines on refrigerated trucks, but because they will be replacing the secondary diesel engines on these vehicles. Refrigerated trucks, the ones that autory food from distribution centers to grocery stores usually have a secondary diesel engine used …

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