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Backyard testing in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“Electric autos are going to be very important for urban transportation.”            Carlos Ghosn, CEO Nissan-Renault The back yard – behind factory buildings- is just where General Motors tested the first earthbound, – better to say road-bound – fuel cell electric vehicle. FCEV is Toyota’s term for the Mirai to clarify …

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Resources When you have finished checking out our Hydrogen Cars site please check out some of the fine resources we have assembled. These resources are the best we know of that explain all sorts of excellent information about hydrogen autos and the future for such vehicles. Hydrogen Green Vehicles Science …

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Hydrogen Cars for Sale

Hydrogen Cars for Sale It’s not often you hear the phrases “Hydrogen Cars for Sale” or “Hydrogen Trucks for Sale.” This is because there are no commercial production hydrogen autos for sale or hydrogen trucks for sale at the moment and it may be up to several years until there …

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Hydrogen Buses

Hydrogen Buses The history of hydrogen buses is murky at best. What is known is that an engineer from Germany, Rudolf Erren started converting internal combustion engines (ICE) in buses and other large vehicles to run on hydrogen and hydrogen mixes in the 1920’s. In 1975, Dr. Roger Billings put …

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1807 – 1986

Hydrogen Fuel Cars 1807 – 1986 Between 1807 and 1986 was a time of great development for hydrogen autos. From the first Rivaz auto designed by Francois Isaac de Rivaz of Switzerland to the Hippomobile to the GM Electrovan to several models designed by Musashi, hydrogen vehicles grew by leaps …

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BMW Hydrogen 7 Cleans the Air

I received a press release a few days ago saying that the BMW Hydrogen 7 luxury auto had been tested by the DOE (Department of Energy) Argonne National Laboratory and the results were that the vehicle actually cleans the ambient air surrounding it. Now, one would think that the proclamation …

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San Diego Teen Inventor to Display Hydrogen Hybrid Engine

Dr. Roger E. Billings started his long and illustrious autoeer in hydrogen, by converting a gasoline-powered lawnmower engine to run on H2. Now, half a century later, 17-year-old San Diego high school student Josh Wesolowski has built a hybrid lawnmower engine that runs on unleaded gasoline, propane, methanol and hydrogen. …

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Honda Civic GX CNG to Compete with Hydrogen Cars

The new Honda Civic GX compressed natural gas (CNG) automobile has thrown down the gauntlet towards hydrogen autos. For the fifth year in a row the Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle has won the ACEEE “Greenest Vehicles” award. The Honda Civic GX CNG beats out the Toyota Prius with …

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