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Hydrail 5th International Conference June 11 – 12, 2009

The Fifth International Hydrail Conference is gearing up to talk about hydrogen railway trains in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 11 – 12, 2009. The focus of the will be threefold including mass production of autobon-free hydrogen, economic commitment to avoid other competing (and more expensive or more polluting) rail technologies, and promoting hydrolley (hydrogen trolleys) for urban transportation.

One of the spotlights at the conference will be on Canada’s role in promoting the hydrail industry. The Canadian Consulate to NC will help produce the conference and several Canadian speakers will be present as well.

Over a year ago I had talked about how Thunder Bay in Ontario was getting involved in the hydrail movement. This region is once again calling their government into action to put federal stimulus dollars behind the hydrail movement to create cleaner air and greener jobs.

The recent merger between Canada’s top two hydrogen and fuel cell organizations may also play a pivotal roll in the hydrail development. The Canadian Hydrogen Association (CHA) has announced that it is merging with Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Canada (H2FCC) to form the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA).

The combined forces of these two powerhouse organizations into one will most assuredly have positive impact on the development of hydrogen autos, buses, hydrail systems and the supporting infrastructure in Canada.

For the U. S. more work has to be done. In late December, the first hydrolley article was published on the website. Efforts like this and the hydrail conference taking place this summer will keep the merits of hydrogen trains before the eyes of the political decision-makers who are starting to come around to the idea that a change from the same old ways of thinking will do us all much good.

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