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1st Interstate Hydrogen Highway in USA Inaugurated by Maiden Voyage

Well, slap me silly and call me Sally (and never, ever call me Shirley), the long-shot fuel cell autoavan inaugurating the 1st Interstate Hydrogen Highway in the USA came to fruition on Monday, September 11, 2017.

With a lot of guts, determination and planning Michael P. Henning, Mike Strizki and Jed Dole (pictured top, left to right) willed two Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles from the starting point at an ITM Power hydrogen fueling station in Riverside, California to the SOLARPOWER International (SPI) / Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The photo of the 3 men and 2 Mirai’s was taken by me, in the parking lot outside of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center where the event was being held.

According to filmmaker Michael P. Henning, “We even had 100 miles left in the tank.” Mr. Henning hopes to complete his documentary, “Keys to the Cage” about the recent history of hydrogen autos with footage gathered from this H2 road trip.

Mike Strizki is a long-time engineer who has worked on several hydrogen fuel cell vehicle projects including the New Jersey Venturer and the New Jersey Genesis (years before the commercial H2 vehicles came along). He built the first solar-hydrogen home in New Jersey and now sells them commercially through his website (see link below).

The plan is to drive the Toyota Mirai FCEV’s from Vegas sometime today, back to the Riverside H2 fueling station.

It’s great to see a grassroots effort like this, promoting the advantages of fuel cell autos and hydrogen fueling.

I give their efforts two thumbs up and two high fives.





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